Adventures know no age, gender, race and even place! Enjoy some of the most thrilling activities only a couple of minutes away.

Scuba Diving

Immerse yourelf in the wonders beneath the waves of Drymades beach as you discover the secrets of the sunken plane.

Boat tours

Explore the most secluded and clandestine shorelines, along with hidden caves, either privately or in groups.


Embark on an exhilarating paragliding adventure from the breathtaking heights of Llogara Mountain, experiencing the thrill of soaring above the skies.

Located just above Drymades beach Perivolos Apartments offers the best position gazing Dhermi beach on the left and Palasa beach on the right.

Nearby Beaches

Dhermi beach

Drymades Beach

Palasa Beach




Discover the reach tapestry of history and natural beauty of Albania through captivating sightseeing, where ancient ruins, majestic castles and picturesque landscapes converge to offer a truly enchanting experience.

Porto Palermo

Showcasing the ancient allure against the backdrop of the Ionian sea the fortress’s architecture will captivate you while you absorb the echoes of the past. 

Gjipe Canyon

A hidden coastal treasure in Albania, where turquoise waters cave through towering cliffs, offering a secluded and awe-inspiring  escape for nature enthusiasts.

Butrint National Park

A UNESCO World Heritage site in Albania, this ancient city-turned-park boasts archeological wonders surrounded by lash nature, providing a unique blend of history and biodiversity.

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